Out to the ocean

Close of the day  |  Laguna Beach, California

Making the most of it  |  Laguna Beach, California

I got to the beach and realized that I forgot the little piece that screws into the camera to mount on my tripod. My first thought was that I should just leave because I won’t get good pictures. I thought about it a little more and realized that thought was nonsense :) I would just have to keep my exposures shorter than usual

Watching the morning  |  Allen’s Hummingbird (I believe)

Smoothing out the waves  |  Laguna Beach, California

Holding On to the Raindrops

Like a Fire Over the Horizon | Laguna Beach, California

Sunset Over the Valley | Simi Valley, California

The Colors After Sundown | Newport Beach, California

Hovering Over Breakfast | Allen’s Hummingbird